Monday, March 31, 2014

France - 9/20/00


It's only 11:54pm - I'm doing good on time tonight!  Yesterday at lunch (at LeBon) Linda asked if she could have my carrots since I wasn't eating them; I said yes, of course, and Zack jokingly told her that her skin was going to turn orange from eating too many carrots.  He even brought up the Oompa Loompas from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory as an example.  And Linda believed him!  We were all shocked at her gullibility (is that a word?) and had to spend the next few minutes convincing her that her skin wasn't really going to turn orange.  And Zack had been very obviously kidding!  When I got home, I had an envelope package from Jamie containing the verb cheat sheet, a wonderful letter, and a CD!  He bought me the new Corr's CD because he is absolutely wonderful!  I miss him.  I tried to call him (3 times!) today, but he never answered.  And now I'm worried that something may have happened to him... I'll try again after this.  Today we visited (as a field trip) the place at Royat where they cut precious (well, semi-precious) stones.  I saw a ring I loved for 350 francs, but couldn't spend that much.  I did buy an egg, though!  [stone egg]  When I got back, I had letters waiting from Holly and Megan.  I'll write them both back tomorrow.  I'm going to call Jamie now.  I love you, sweetie!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Counting My Blessings

Sometimes life sucks.  Right now, life sucks.  So right now, I'm going to count (some of) my blessings.  I have more than I can count, and if I don't remind myself of them it will seem like everything is awful, when it's just one thing that is all black and spiky-feeling.

Jamie.  I don't deserve him, but he loves me and I love him and need him and am so grateful to have him as mine.

Gisèle.  She is amazing.  She is so much more talented than she knows, and is growing into such a beautiful girl, inside and out.  I am blessed to be her mom.

Miles.  He is such a funny, cuddly, loving little boy, and we're so lucky to have him.  It's so much fun to watch him as he learns and grows.

My family.  I love and am close to both my family and Jamie's, and I know how rare that is.

My good friends.  They love me and support me and believe in me.  They know my true character.

Our house.  It's a wreck right now.  A bit of a money pit.  But we have one, and after all of the repairs it's going to be solid and beautiful.

Our neighbors.  They're wonderful.

Jamie's job.  He's been there a long time, and is well-regarded by the company. 

The kids' schools.  They love it there and I'm thankful they're getting a good education.

San Antonio.  For being so close to Houston and for housing a company that is employing my dad.  Having family finally close enough to visit - and for it to be my parents - is such a blessing.

Our kitties.  They are rescues and we lucked out - they're adorable, cuddly, and full of personality.

My car.  I've had it for a year and still love it as much as when I first got it.  We're lucky to have such a nice vehicle.

Starbucks.  I'm thoroughly addicted, but love knowing that there's something that can brighten up my day that is never too far away.

Nail polish.  So many colors! Buying a bottle can cheer me up without breaking the bank.

Music.  There are so many songs that speak to me right now, and Jamie has a knack for finding them and sending me the lyrics.

Social media.  People may complain, but the family and many of the friends that I love live far away, and Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow me to stay connected.

God.  For giving me peace in the midst of chaos, and for giving me these blessings and so many more.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


All made-up before the performance

Gisèle was a stinkbug in the 1st grade program last night.  When I asked her why she chose to be a stinkbug, she explained that all the other girls wanted to be ladybugs & butterflies, so she chose stinkbug because, "there's only 5 of us, Mom!"

She had a speaking part, and let me tell you - that girl sparkles on stage.  She stood out from every other student there, and really was the most fun to watch, popping out her hip with every movement in the songs, smiling as big as could be...  And when it was her turn to speak, oh the drama!  She felt those lines.

Afterward, no less than 6 people, including her music teacher, told us that we should put her in acting classes.  A couple parents remarked that they needed a picture so that they could say, when she won her Academy Award, that they knew her as a first-grader.

In the car, she asked us, "What does 'a natural' mean?  Because they were saying that I'm 'a natural.'"

Yup.  That girl is a natural.

In her stinkbug costume pre-performance

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Monday, March 24, 2014

France - 9/19/00


Well, I've stayed up til 3:30am reading, so I'll write tomorrow.  All about turning orange and my wonderful Jamie and everything.  I love you, sweetie!

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Friday, March 21, 2014

France - 9/18/00


I talked to Jamie!  Woke him up, but I did get to hear his wonderful voice!  I miss him so much.  [This continues for a paragraph.]

Today was an okay day... I still hate class.  Christina and Kristen are in London right now and I spent the morning wishing I were with them.  I checked my email after lunch but didn't have anything from Jamie... just a mass email from Barbara Lamb.  I replied requesting Milky Way Darks & a reimbursement for my $200 bus pass.  Sarah, Aimee, & I walked down to the pizza place for dinner and then I finished one of the books I bought at Les Volcans.  I really feel like I need to write a letter tonight.  I signed up for the "field trip" we have on Saturday and it sounds good - hiking in the mountains!  I'm going to write a letter now and try not to think about how much I miss my wonderful, wonderful man.  I love you, sweetie!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

France - 9/17/00


I tried calling Jamie at home - stayed up until 2am to do it - but he wasn't there.  I really need to hear his voice.  Today was a slow day.   Sarah & I took the bus into the city and went to the Sunday Flea Market, but we didn't find anything there.  We came back to the one in Aubière (found it this week!) and I bought a pink tye-dyed tank top and two leather bracelets.  We also bought tomatoes, bread, & a roast chicken for lunch  Mom called at 8:30 and it was really nice to hear her voice.  Natalie, Joel, the girls, Meme, & Pepe were all there for the Scottish games.  Joel taught the girls the Notre Dame fight song and Emily sang it to me over the phone.  Mom said the fish they bought lasted a week and then it died.  She told me the picture of the bikes that I took last winter needs to have a name to be entered in that photo contest - but I have no idea what to name it... I have to sleep.  I feel sick because I'm so tired.  And I didn't get to talk to Jamie.  I love you, sweetie.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

France - 9/16/00


I bought the Apollo 13 soundtrack & I'm listening to it... I got back at 11:00pm, so I was two hours late calling Jamie at Mindy & Jeff's.  I tried again sometime between 12:30 & 1:00, but still no answer.  Kristen, Christina, Aimee, Sarah & I took the the bus into town today.  We went to Les Volcans (I bought two books that sound good, as well as the CD), tried on hats, scarves, gloves, & jewelry at Galeries Lafayette (I bought a necklace), and ate dinner at a Chinese place kinda near the cathedral.  Dinner was really good (An eggroll is a "nem.") and we had a lot of fun!  We were the loudest people there, with all of our laughing.  Afterwards, Aimee, Sarah, & I went to Jaude to catch the night bus, and we got on going the wrong direction.  It was the only bus running on Saturday nights, so it had a long route.  We were on the bus 1 1/2 hours!  That's why I was exceptionally late calling Jamie.  I wish I could have talked to him.  Sarah and I then played 3 games of Spite & Malice, all of which I lost, and then I read Newsweek.  It's already 3:04am and I'm getting up in 6 hours, so I'm going to finish my letter to Jamie and then get ready for bed.  I love you, Jamie!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

France - 9/15/00


It's actually 3:24am on the 16th, but I'm writing about the 15th, so that'll be the date.  Today was a good day.  Class sucked, as usual, but I got an email from Jamie at lunch.  I took two headache drugs in the afternoon and was completely out of it for the last 30-45 minutes.  After class, Sarah and I set up our bank accounts (Credit Agricole) & bought pastries, bread, cheese, & fruit for our dinner.  I got a letter from Jamie and one from Mom when I got back.  Mom's had my credit card bill, OU statement (I have about $2300 left over!) [extra money from scholarships], last check from Avis (stub), Pepe's episodes 5-6 (hilarious!) [Pepe wrote down some of his childhood memories for us], and an email from Lorenzo.  Christina, Sarah, and I went to Place de Jaude at 8:30 to see a Brazilian band & dance troupe and some fireworks to celebrate the Centre Jaude's 20th birthday.  Afterwards, we went with Zack to a bar and met a bunch of people, including Keeran, Nile, & Morris (all Irish), Chris (English), and Katrine & Christiana (German).  I love the Irish accents!  Sarah and I spent the whole time watching Zack hit on two French girls (Elodie & Celine - especially Celine) and listening to the band play.  The band was pretty good.  The bar included part of a huge outdoor place with a bunch of tables.  We sat on some steps outside.  Zack & Keeran walked the three of us back to Place de Jaude to catch our taxi & Keeran said he recommends visiting Ireland - especially Galway.  My eyes are closing.  I love you, Jamie!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thankful Beyond Measure

Miles this morning, healthy, happy, and handsome
Today is 1 year to the day that we brought Miles back home from the hospital.  
I am thankful beyond measure to have healthy children.  Thank you, God.

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