Friday, July 10, 2009

Lost in Translation (Answers)

Here are the answers!

"Chair-air-bees" - CHERRIES

"Yell!" - GISELE

"Wipe" - WHITE

"Bode" - BIRD

"Flutter" - FLOWER

"Pokey Ducks" - POLKA DOTS

"Mann-et" - BLANKET

"Buy" - BAG

Yes, she's adorable. :)


Mindy said...

Those are wonderful! My absolute fave is pokey ducks! Awesome. :)

Andrea said...

Hmmm....only got "cherries" right. I guess I need to come back for a visit to study up on gisele-isms. ;)

Mavis said...

I only got pokey ducks right. Not a very good score but it was fun. She is adorable.

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