Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stitch Fix #2

I got my second Stitch Fix today!  The first thing I did, like last time, was read the intro card that came with it.  This one said that my stylist (Hanah this time) saw a lot of distressed denim on my Pinterest page, so she included a pair in my Fix.  (I just took a look, and there are some pins on there with distressed demin - more than I realized, but I wouldn't have considered it to be "a lot."  I really don't like distressed denim that much.)  She also said that she knew I loved polka dots (yes!), so she included a top she thought I would love.

When I opened the box, I found 2 pairs of jeans and 3 tops.  Both pairs of jeans, though, were skinny, which I really can't stand.  I guess the odd pair must have snuck through on Pinterest to indicate that would be a good choice for me... ?  For some reason my pictures this time are even worse than last time, so I apologize. 

The first pair of jeans was Kensie Jeans "Sophia" Distressed Skinny Jean ($88).  I don't have a full-length mirror, so the picture is here just to give you an idea of the wash:

 These were actually really comfy, but I just don't find skinny jeans to be that flattering on me.  They did fit perfectly, which was a nice surprise.  I can't ever find jeans to fit!  I may ask for more jeans (not skinny!) to be sent.  Sending these back.

Next up, another pair of Kensie Jeans, the "Johnny" Skinny Jeans ($88).  Again, no full-length mirror:
 Comfy again (slightly higher-waisted than the Sophia), but I just don't like skinny jeans.  These also, with the dark uniform wash and hugging of my ankles, looked like leggings.  No thanks.

Next, one of the three tops, Olive & Oak's "Tanya" Tank ($44):
This was a really comfortable knit and I liked the stripes.  The problem, though, was the fit.  The top was really loose, and if I didn't keep adjusting it, you could see half my bra under my arm on either side.  It also hung down awkwardly in the back if I had the neckline adjusted nicely in front.  Sending it back.

Next up was Pomelo's "Blake" Ruched Shirt ($48):
I had high hopes for this based on the description.  "Side ruched v-neck knit shirt"  I love the idea of ruching - intentional bunching - since most of my shirts end up doing that anyway.  And Pomelo made the blue polka dot shirt I loved so much last month!  But the fabric on this one was all wrong.  It was a thin black knit, just sheer enough to look like you should wear something underneath to get rid of the shiny impression - not sheer in an intentional kind of way.  And the thin fabric emphasized the lumps and bumps that the ruching was working to hide.  The slightly rounded v-neck combined with the rounded shoulder seams wasn't flattering either.  Sending it back.

The last top was the one the stylist mentioned in her note, Kut From The Kloth's "Prescott" shirt ($58):
Love this!  I won't be able to wear it until it cools down, but it is so very me!  I love the mix of stripes and polka dots, the feminine neckline, and the cozy fabric.  Definitely keeping this one!

All in all, I'm happy with Stitch Fix still!  I got another shirt I love, and I didn't have to set foot in an store.  If you are interested in trying it out (you pay $20 for each box as a styling fee, but it goes toward your purchase of anything in the box), here's my referral link

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sibling Love

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stitch Fix #1

I got my first Stitch Fix today!!  How glorious to have clothes delivered to me that I didn't even have to shop for.  Someone shopped for me, shipped them to me, and sent a postage-paid envelope in case I wanted to send any back.  Brilliant.


Monica was my first stylist, and she did a great job.  She had obviously studied my Pinterest page, which she referenced in her note, and each of the 5 pieces in my box had something about them that I liked - polka dots, knit cotton, embroidery, etc.

The first top (I had specifically asked to have a box focused on tops first) was the Sweet Rain "Ryan" tank ($48):

The embroidery - including a row on back - was cute, and it was really soft, but I didn't like the ruffled shoulders and it gave me no shape whatsoever.  Sending it back.

Next up, Market and Spruce's "Memphis" shirt ($58):

Loved this!  SO soft, and it fit like a comfortable t-shirt, but has the prettiest lace overlay (front and back).  Hand wash only, which I dislike, but I love it enough to overlook that inconvenience.  Keeping!

Next up, Kut From The Kloth's "Somerville" top ($28):

No.  Just no.  As soon as I put this on, before I saw myself in the mirror, Jamie grimaced.  I wasn't a fan of the print right off, but it has a knit back and a cute pocket.  On me, though?  Completely shapeless.  Sending it back.

The last top in the bunch was Pomelo's "Tracy" top ($58):

Polka dots!  This was great.  Super comfy knit, awesome print, and a shape I normally wouldn't have picked out with the wide neck, slight criss-cross detail on the back, and seeming shapeless-ness.  Once on, though, there's a surprising amount of shaping around the waist, and it got a surprised, "I like it!" from Jamie.  Keeping!

The last item in the box was a necklace from Nashelle called the "Shayla" pendant ($54):

I really liked it, though I usually go for silver instead of gold (as Monica, the stylist, acknowledged in her note), but I can't spend that amount on jewelry right now.  Sending it back.

Overall, a great experience!!  I can't wait for my next one!

If you would like to try Stitch Fix, I'd love for you to use my referral link - I'll get a credit.  :)

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Swimming Lessons

The kids have been taking swimming lessons this summer, and they are loving it!  It's just 8 lessons over the course of 2 weeks.  The videos below were taken on day 6 of the 8.

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Monday, June 30, 2014

France - 10/20/00


Jamie's birthday.  At this moment, he's probably at KC Masterpiece eating dinner.  I still need to find a cool pair of boxers or something to send with his knife for his birthday... and I still want to get a sketch done of me to send him.  Today after class, Morgan and I ate at Le Menhir (caramel crepes!  The "amourette.") before shopping.  I got a bunch of stuff, including a skirt and a pair of pants that Galeries Lafayette is altering for free.  [I remember that skirt and those pants - LOVED them.]  Linda tagged along with us from lunch onwards and took away some of our enjoyment.  We watched Au Nom d'Anna (Keeping the Faith) in French, and it was good.  I'm tired.  I love you, sweetie.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

France - 10/19/00


It's officially Jamie's birthday (on my side of the world) since it's 1:30am on the 20th.  And I can't be there.  I hate that.  I'm tired and had a good day until laundry time.  Another laundry incident - something (still haven't figured out what) turned my load of lights purple.  Bright purple.  Including my linen pants - the only pair of pants that has ever fit perfectly.  And my khaki jacket that I wear every day, and my khakis.  A bunch of other things, but those are the ones I cried the hardest over.  I just want to go to sleep.  I love you sweetie - Happy Birthday!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

France - 10/18/00


I'm tired and going to bed.  Went to Auchan and bought a bunch of food - including Cheddar cheese!  Sarah and I had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomatoes with oil, vinegar, & herbs for dinner.  Talked to Matt - I'm going to buy my train ticket tomorrow to go see them next weekend!  I want to go to sleep.  I love you, Jamie.  I wish I could talk to you tonight.

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