Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gisele and her baby

Gisèle has gotten very used to seeing me nurse Miles. She's well aware that babies are too little to eat food, and all they can do is drink milk from Mama or from a bottle. We happen to have a small boppy that came with a play gym we used when she was a baby, and we've given it to her to play with. She fed her baby today, wisely choosing to use a bottle - but she doesn't have any play bottles to use. What she DOES have is... a wooden hot dog. From her play food set. The picture below is of very poor quality (blurry from my phone), but gives you an idea - this is Gisèle, with her baby laying on her boppy. Right after she said "Where'd my hotdog doe {go}??"


Mindy said...

That's hilarious!

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