Tuesday, February 1, 2011

God's Little Messenger

Jamie was out of town this past weekend on his annual Men's Attack weekend with church.  I had a horrible headache Saturday and was feeling pretty awful by the time the kids were finishing lunch.  I put Miles down for his nap and had just tucked Gisèle in, when she let out a little whining sound, and I thought "oh no - here we go.  (sigh)"  I was so afraid she was going to throw a mini-tantrum (a common occurrence lately), and I just didn't have the strength to weather it with my head like it was. 

What came out of her mouth, though, was something unexpected - she said "Wait, Mama - I wanna say a prayer!"  Oh.  That's something we do before bedtime, but not usually before a nap.  I certainly wasn't going to say no, though, headache or not.  I knelt down by her bed and said "ok, sweetheart - what do you want to say to God?"

"I wanna say thank you to God for my Mama because I love her."

{cue the tears}

Here I was feeling awful because of my headache, missing Jamie, and just wanting to leave the room and lay down, and she wanted to say a prayer for me.  God always knows just how and when I need to be spoken to.


In other news, I'm getting over bronchitis and the beginnings of walking pneumonia and I feel like death warmed over.  The headache on Saturday was just the precursor, so I probably won't be posting much the rest of the week.  (Poor Jamie didn't have a great homecoming from his Men's weekend.)  Big thanks go to our awesome friends Matt & Emily for coming over Sunday to take care of the kids and take me to the Urgent Care center before Jamie got back!  They rock!



Andrea said...

I had bronchitis, a cold, and a sinus infection. I've been on amoxicillan for about a week and know just how you feel! I hope you have some great meds and feel better soon. Love you!

Emily said...

Hope you're feeling better! Did you make it to work today? I'm sure this weather isn't helping at all!

Grandma said...

Thanks for sharing about Gisele's prayer. That's awesome! Hope you are get well soon.

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