Monday, April 18, 2011


Miles will be getting tubes in the morning - thank you, God!

He's been battling bad ear infections - in both ears - for quite a while now.  He went through 3 rounds of antibiotics, and was finally proclaimed to be in the clear recently.  Thursday, he spiked a high fever and we took him in to see the doctor. (He was the only kid in his class, up until that point, to not contract pneumonia.)  We were told his lungs were clear (yay!), and his ears looked okay, though he might be starting to develop another infection in one.  Saturday morning, he started pulling on both ears, and we took him back in.  No fever, but he was wheezing, and had a raging double ear infection.  Our pediatrician prescribed antibiotic shots for three days, a liquid steroid, and nebulizer (breathing) treatments every 4 hours.  He got his first antibiotic shot Saturday at the doctor's office; a nurse opened the doctor's office up especially for him on Sunday to give him his second; and his third was this morning at his follow-up appointment.  We found out this morning that his ears still look bad, but his lungs have cleared up enough for surgery!  Our pediatrician finagled an appointment with the ENT for us this afternoon, and Miles will have surgery tomorrow morning to get tubes put in his ears so that he can be cleared to fly Wednesday morning.  

Thank God for an awesome pediatrician, and a flexible ENT and surgical hospital!



Nana said...

I'm so glad that worked out for you! Poor Mr. Miles though. He's such a brave little man. Hope the surgery goes quickly without any bumps. Give him a kiss for us.

Grandma said...

So glad things are working out. Looking forward to seeing you all. XXOO for Miles!

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