Monday, May 16, 2011

Travel Curse!

I went to a conference last week with a couple of colleagues.  We flew to Dallas Wednesday morning, and back home again on Friday.  And we were cursed.  (It took a while to figure out whether it was me or my friend Therese that the curse was attached to, but we decided it was me.)

  • At the airport on the way to Dallas, I was manually patted down after the full body scanner deemed special attention needed to be paid to my waistband.  (And no, I was not wearing a belt.)
  • Our flight was late leaving Houston because the coffee machine was leaking.
  • Upon arrival, our rental car reservation was no good because they had "no cars."  In fact, all but 2 counters told us they had "no cars."  One of those counters was going to charge us $140 a day to rent there; the other would only rent us a car after we called and booked a reservation over the phone for $60 a day.
  • When we arrived at the car rental lot, the shuttle pulled up next to the 2 lone cars in the lot and said "We're out of mid-size, so I'll upgrade you to a full-size for free."  The car he pulled up next to?  A VW bug.  In what universe is that full-size??  Or even mid-size??  Luckily, the one on the other side was a PT Cruiser.  We took that.
  • We got to the hotel and we told that they were overbooked and would need to bump us from a 2-double-beds room to a 1-king-with-a-pull-out-couch room.  For the record, I do NOT recommend sleeping on the pull-out couches at the Hyatt.
  • That evening after the conference, we went to a mall that had a cupcake place I really wanted to try.  We walked in to the mall to discover there had been a power outage.  Only the main hubs were still open - just about every other store (including the cupcake shop) had closed early.
  • The next evening, we went back to the mall - the cupcake place had a hand-written sign out front: "Sold out!  We'll have more tomorrow."
  • On the way to the airport the next day, we decided to stop and eat at In N Out Burger, which we had Google-mapped.  When we got to the location, we couldn't find it.  We stopped a nice man and asked directions, and were told, "It'll be right here in about 2 months.  The only location in Dallas is at {such-and-such} location, and I waited four hours for a burger there on Wednesday."  We ate elsewhere.
  • When we got to the airport, I was "randomly selected" to be patted down by security.
  • Our flight left Dallas late.

Despite all of that, it was a pretty good trip, and I was very fortunate in my travel companions.  :)  Here's hoping, though, that our family trip to Georgia on Thursday goes much more smoothly!



Andrea said...

It has to, since all the bad stuff already happened :) See you Thursday!!!!

Grandma said...

That was so bizarre! Hope all goes well Thursday!

brandi said...

I agree with Andrea. I'm not gonna say what else could possibly go wrong, cause I can think of several things.... but it's a family get-together and nothing is allowed to go wrong. Just get here safe and happy!! Can't wait to see you all!

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