Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gisèle's Big Haircut

Gisèle got her first haircut months and months ago, but it was still long afterward - down to the middle of her back.  Just before New Year's, though, she went to a local salon called Sweet and Sassy for a major haircut.  Her hair was down to her waist, and took forever to comb out when it was wet.  We also had to be sure to clip it back before meals so she didn't get it in her food, and we encouraged her every single day to wear a ponytail (or 2) to keep it out of her face.  It was time.  Luckily, she agreed with us, and had been telling us that she wanted it cut to her shoulders.

She had a great time at the salon!  The haircut started with an 8-inch ponytail being cut off to donate to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths, which she was really excited about.  We had been talking for a long time about how there are kids that get sick and have to go to the hospital and lose their hair, and she was really proud that her hair could be used to make a wig for someone.  ("Like my Ariel wig at Halloween!")  After the ponytail was cut, she got her hair shampooed, and then it was trimmed up another few inches into a slightly layered shoulder-length cut.  After that, it was dried and sprayed with glitter (of course), and then she got 2 glitter stars (pink and purple, her choices) on her cheek.  We also let her pick out a new headband to celebrate her big haircut.

I was a bit sad to see her gorgeous long hair go; it really was princessy.  But her new cut is so stinkin' cute, suits her personality, and is MUCH easier to take care of!

The obligatory "before" shot

Starting to cut off the 8-inch ponytail

Finishing the ponytail cut, to donate her hair

Shampoo time

Getting another 3 inches or so off

Cut is finished, time to dry

Hair has been glittered, and star colors (pink and purple) are picked out - time to paint her cheek

The finished product

My beautiful silly girl, releasing her pent-up energy

After picking out her new headband

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Lizzie Collum said...

she looks so cute! I love it! We too got Lexie's hair cut off last week. Not quite as much as Gisele, but still about 6 inches and I love it so much more!

Andrea said...

I almost cried seeing her hair in the first pictures, knowing it was about to disappear - but it's perfect on her! :)

Grandma said...

Tell Gisele that Grandpa and Grandma love her new haircut. It really looks cute.

nana said...

We laughed out loud at her funny face picture. I'll bet mornings are a little saner now without all the tangles. XXX

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