Monday, February 6, 2012

Christmas Cookies

We had a fun, messy time making and decorating sugar cookies before Christmas.  The kids helped me make and cut out the cookies, and were more patient than I thought they'd be during the multiple chilling stages.  It was fun to make it a day-long process (mixing, chilling, rolling, chilling, cutting, chilling, baking, cooling...), because the kids got more and more excited as the day went on.  They also really enjoyed being part of every step.  The excitement really built when Jamie and I sat down at the table with them and showed them how the white icing magically changed color when we added a few drops of food coloring.  And the decorating, oh the decorating!  Gisèle was pretty precise with her cookies, and knew exactly what she wanted to do ("I'm doing a pink stocking with purple icing and red and blue sprinkles!"), but Miles was just a sprinkle monster.  He would grab a handful and, without looking, toss it in the direction of his plate.  Rarely, if ever, did any sprinkles land on a cookie.

All in all, I would say these cookies are a true masterpiece!

Starting to decorate - icing and sprinkles galore

Admiring her handiwork
Starting out well, trying to sprinkle
Some of the gorgeous finished products

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Grandma said...

What fun to do that with the kids! It's really fun when the whole family can participate, and it creates good memories.

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