Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Aubiere, France - 9/2/00


I should write everything down earlier in the day when I'm not tired, but I don't think about it.  Yesterday we (Sarah, Christina, Aimee, & I) walked to town (Aubière - not Clermont) to find dinner.  We found a little fruit & vegetable place and bought some really good fruit, and then found a little café place that told us everything around there served lunch, but not dinner.  We ended up backtracking to a pop-up pizza stand where we got a really good pizza and we ate on a bench near there.  After that, we walked for over an hour in the sprinkles (not quite rain) uphill until we found the dorms again.  (It was dark by this time.)  We were hurting (blisters & sore muscles galore!) so we called it a night.  Later, though, I went downstairs and called Jamie.  I was really missing him.  Today we took the bus down to Auchan in Aubière (the Walmart-type supercenter) and bought groceries, pillows, and dishes.  I also got some melon-scented shower gel at a neat little beauty store.  Clinique stuff, Chanel, Yves St. Laurent... it was cool!  On the way back (we took a bus), we missed our stop so we got off at a Pharmacie and they called a taxi for us.  Then I  put stuff away, ate a pretty good dinner, & called Mom & Dad, Matt & Nat, and Jamie!  I love you, Jamie!

My bed in my dorm room, with all the storage available.

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