Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New York - Last Day, Day 5

Day 5 was our final day in New York, and we still fit in all we could.

We headed down toward Greenwich Village to see what we could see.  We wanted to stop at the Forbes Gallery to see the antique toy collection, and also decided to have lunch in Greenwich Village.  After finding the Forbes Gallery, however, we found out they no longer had the toy collection, so that was a bust.  We did walk through the Union Square Farmer's Market on the way down, though, and that was nice.  We also enjoyed walking through Greenwich Village, and lunch was great!

I love this statue of the elephant standing on his trunk.  The wall behind was also interesting, with steam coming out on the right, and a really cool clock on the left.  (It was 10:54 when I took this picture - the other numbers are milliseconds.)
The Friends building

The Cosby stoop

The Spotted Pig, where we had lunch

The quirky decor in The Spotted Pig

Jamie's beer

The Spotted Pig

The Chrysler Building

The Fashion District
In the cab heading to the airport

Heading to the airport

The sweet sign welcoming us home

We really had a fantastic vacation.  It was a great way to celebrate our first decade of marriage!

(Sad to think of all the devastation in the city right now due to Sandy.  Prayers heading your way, NYC!) 

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Dad Lowery said...

Thanks for sharing the great pics and your experiences. You really had a memorable 10th anniversary trip.

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