Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Recap

Here's a quick recap of the month using cell phone photos:

We hung out at the zoo.

A sweet coworker of Jamie's made Gisèle a red hat to match her red coat.
  She loves it and wears it anytime the weather is cold enough.

I took a macaron class at Sur La Table and loved it!  I wish my ovens were newer and baked more evenly.  I'm still going to try them at home, but I'm not optimistic!

My table's yummy accident - these three stuck together when baking, so we filled them with three different fillings.
I discovered that Gisèle sits exactly like I do.  Here's blurry evidence, taken quickly at a stoplight while on our way to her gymnastics class:

We spent a fun day at the park downtown; we rode the train, played at the playground, played with a ball (Miles) and rode a bike (Gisèle), ate lunch, and visited some of our favorite animals at the zoo.
Miles loved the train!
The weather was gorgeous; all of the animals were basking in the sun.
The chimps were enjoying snack time while we were there.
This was taken right after this crazy chimp threw his poop, then his toys (2 rubber balls) at everyone watching.  He put on quite a show!
 A friend brought over 12 garbage bags (huge ones!) full of clothes her son and daughter had outgrown.  I spent 3 days sorting through them all and then reorganizing the kids' closets & dressers to try to get everything to fit. 

Miles discovered a heretofore unknown love of footie pjs when he found some in his dresser.  Of course, we then discovered his feet are abnormally large for his age, and the other 2 pairs had to be quickly hidden since his toes were curled up inside the feet.
Gisèle discovered a love of hairbows.

 Miles continued his love affair with hoods.

Jamie went away on a men's weekend with our church, and the kids and I had a fun time together, including lunch at a "hamburger restaurant" at their request, followed by ice cream sundaes.

I stayed home from work one day, not feeling good, and Gisèle brought me a heart-shaped card covered with X's & O's, some flowers, and candy.

Miles showed us how talented he is - he can wink!

Now we prepare for February!

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Grandma said...

Love the pictures, especially the one of Miles winking. :)

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