Friday, March 22, 2013

PCOS Update

I had my 6 month PCOS checkup about a week ago, and there was good and bad news.  The good news is that I had no enlarged cysts, so my next ultrasound can wait another 6 months.  The bad news is that some of my bloodwork came back a little wonky. 

My cortisol was high, which is actually normal for me.  (That explains why I'm awake so late, sleepy so long in the morning, and sleepy so much during the day...)  I've also moved closer to being diabetic.  My fasting insulin and fasting blood sugar were both high, so my doctor has added another medication in hopes that it will bring thing down a bit to more manageable level.  The new med, junuvia, is just once a day, so it's not too bad.  My triglyceride level was also high, though overall my cholesterol looked great.

Jamie and I just bought a treadmill (putting it together is our weekend project!), so I'm going to start walking on that every night after we get the kids to bed.  My BMI was in the normal range, but I'm hoping that bringing it down closer to the low end will help with everything, also.

Here's hoping my next appointment (another GTT - Glucose Tolerance Test - and battery of bloodwork) in 2 months will show improvement!

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nana said...

I like the good news! My triglyceride are always a bit on the high side too, so you might just get that from me... sorry....
Treadmill is a good idea, especially in Houston where the weather is not conducive to being outside much. Keep up the good work! XXX

Mavis said...

I was told by a nurse that if you eat a high fat meal the night before you have your blood drawn, your triglycerides will be high. If your overall cholesterol is good, I wouldn't worry too much about the triglycerides. Try eating a light, healthy, low fat meal the night (or 2 nights) before your next blood draw and see if that makes a difference. :)

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