Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Hole?

This took place when Gisèle was completely ready for her shower, and then decided on a last-minute potty break.

Gisèle, getting off of the potty and washing her hands:  "Mom, I have a hole."

Me, startled:  "Oh, yeah?"

G:  "Do you want to see my hole?"

Me, hoping she didn't mean what I thought she meant:  "Where is this hole?"

G, very seriously:  "I really do have one.  Do you want to see?"

Me, hoping beyond hope that she meant something else:  "Ummm..."

G, suddenly squatting down and examining her knee:  "It was right here, but I think the boo-boo is all better now."

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Ol' Dad said...

How funny! Some surprises are good.

nana said...

you know, if you put all these anecdotes together, you'd have a book! You're writing style is perfect!

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