Friday, December 5, 2014

Paris, France - 11/11/00


Long day.  It's night time and M. and I just woke up from our 15 minute nap.  Now we just have to get ready and get in bed for real.  I bought a black satin pj set at Etam Lingerie today that I love - also, 2 old ads and the Getaway People CD.  With "There She Goes" on it!  I spent an incredible amount of money on it (160 francs), but I think it's worth it.  We saw Notre Dame today and had lunch at a bistro near the école militaire; M.'s fish came with the head still on.  Dinner was at an Italian place near Montparnasse after we went to the top of the tower.  Then Haagen-Datz ice cream and an attempt to see Saving Grace, though it was sold out.  I'm really tired... wash my face, brush my teeth, and skip crunches.  I love you, Jamie.  I can't wait until you're here, doing this all with me.

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