Saturday, October 29, 2016

Paris, France - 1/25/01


In Paris!  We're leaving the hotel at 7:45 tomorrow morning - have to be at the airport at 9 and our flight is at 10.  I bought a soft purple pjs set, 2 shirts, and Valentine's boxers for Jamie today.  (Just the boxers are for him.)  :)  We saw Love's Labours Lost today - Alicia Silverstone, Kenneth Branaugh... it wasn't very good, but it made me laugh!

So tomorrow morning we fly to Barcelona, Saturday night we fly to Lisbon, and next Sunday morning we fly from Madrid back here to Paris.  I'm really missing Jamie.  Especially seeing things here that I saw with him, etc.  I bought the Boyz II Men cooleyhighharmony CD today - he'll laugh at me when I tell him!  Bedtime... I love you, Jamie!!!!

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