Saturday, August 28, 2021

Gisèle, age 14

1. Describe yourself.  "That's broad.  Um... I'd say I'm a creative person, umm... {long pause} I feel like I'm a very responsible person who can get the job done, so like, stable, well, relatively stable. I'm definitely an enthusiastic and passionate person about the things I love." 

2. What are you thankful for?  "Family.  Friends, as well, just everyone who has helped me get through the pandemic.  I think our pastor is really cool, too, so just everyone at our church who has helped me grow and develop my relationship with God." 

3. What makes you happy?  "Umm, being crazy makes me happy.  Doing things that are nuts every now and then.  Doing theater makes me happy.  Family game nights are fun."

4. What makes you sad or angry?  "Not eating." 

5. What do you want to be when you grow up?  "Is this a necessary question, Mom? Because I'm pretty sure you already know it.  Director/producer/actor." 

6. What's important to you?  "Family, friends, relationship with Christ, being able to do what I love and not be made fun of or criticized about it at all.  Being able to be myself." 

7. What do you love most about yourself? 
"Probably my drive. My drive to do things and to make sure that if I want to do something, I will go for it and I won't listen to anyone who tells me no."

8. What do you love most about your mom?  "Umm... I like how brave you are, Mom.  Just the fact that you're always there and always ready to try something new even if you don't have the energy at the time. You always want to try everything, go for everything, and try everything new.  You're always courageous." 

9. What do you love most about your dad?  "Probably how much he's like me. He's so much funnier than I am. He's hilarious at really weird points. I think I said this last year, but it's the same. He helps me embrace my inner crazy, but tone it back at the same time. He always makes me laugh." 

10. If you could go anywhere, where would you want to go?  "I really want to go to New York, but in comparison to other countries, it seems a little non-ambitious. I'd like to go everywhere, but if I could choose one place right now it would be New York." 

11. Who do you admire, and why? 
{loooong pause} "Well, I definitely admire you, of course. I admire you for your courage. I'm trying to think of other people I admire... ummm... probably Lin-Manuel Miranda just because he's an actor and he knows that he needs to create work for himself because every actor is unique. He recognizes that he has a unique voice. I aspire to be like him because I'd like to create my own work, also, and have people respond positively."

12. What do you want to learn more about?  "The film industry. Because I've never done films or participated in films except for that one commercial I participated in, in 2nd grade.  And I don't know if it is something I'd like to go into later."   

13. What's something you'd like to do to help someone else?  "Umm... I'd like to provide homes for the homeless.  Lately I've been seeing them a lot more often than before.  I see people who look like they're struggling. and I'd like to help them." 

14. What are you afraid of?  "Not being able to do everything I want to do.  Before I know it I'll die or be physically disabled, or too old, and I want to do as many things as possible before then."

15. If you could only keep one thing, what would you keep?  "Family." 

16. What's your favorite memory?  "That's really broad!  Can I just list some that I like?  I do remember when I was originally in Annie as Annie and I got a bouquet of flowers, and I stood on stage for my picture, and other people and parents wanted photos of me... you know that Cinderella song "This Is Love," well it was kinda like that." 

17. What are you proud of yourself for?  "I guess just my achievements.  I've done well in a lot of shows and school stuff, and academic-wise I'm a great student.  I'm a decent baker.  I'm proud of my variety of skills I excel at." 

18. What are you looking forward to?  "Umm... Probably college.  Being able to get my own dorm or apartment or something.  Just discovering, like, a life plan from there." 

19. What do you dream about?  "In my sleep I dream about really weird things that are super random." 

20. What else do you want to say?  "Umm... I'm thankful that I've gotten to age 14.  Not everyone gets to do that." 

Here's to my bold, brilliant, beautiful 14 year old!  You amaze me every day, and I'm so incredibly excited to see where you go and what you do from here.  

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