Friday, September 11, 2009

Hippos & Monkeys

What would Gisèle call Batman riding on a Harley eating a Krispy Kreme?

A "super-hippo" on a "monkey-cycle" eating a "nodut."

In general, Gisèle speaks very well. This morning, she came out with "Daddy, please pick up shoe!" and "Mama, Baby Miles get big and come out Mama's belly." She also loves to describe everything going on - "Waffle hot - steam - on yellow plate with DIP!"

She's also started to read her books to us. She likes her Dr. Seuss books the best (currently), and loves to point out what is happening in Fox in Socks. "Beetle-Beetles and blue socks!" She'll also read along with us when we're reading her the potty-time book of "The Cat in the Hat."

On the potty front, pretty much nothing is happening, and we're okay with that! She rarely asks to go, and when we ask her if she wants to, she says no. I think she would have regressed quite a bit when Miles arrived anyway, so I'm okay being at this point now. It'll happen when it happens!


Brandi said...

glad to hear she's liking the dr. seuss books!

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