Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Little Things I Love

Gisèle told me that she had to go potty while we were at Old Navy the other day. I took her to their bathroom, and she DID have to go potty! Yay, Gisèle!

When Gisèle is making drinks for us in her kitchen ("Daddy drink a mocha, Mama drink a fap-a-chino!"), she pretends to rinse out the cup before making the next drink - with sound effects and everything.

She's funny on purpose now - not just by being cute. She called me "Miss Crystal" (one of her teachers) the other day while I was making dinner. When Jamie corrected her and told her it's "Mama," she then turned to him and said "Miss Crystal! No - Daddy!" And then to Miles - "It's Miss Crystal! No - is Miles!", grinning at us all the while.

"Mackie-n-morey" = macaroni
"Poppy-fulda-rosey" - Pocket full of posies (from Ring Around the Rosy)

Gisèle applauds us for things that we usually compliment her on - taking little bites, coloring nicely, etc. "Oooh - dat's nice, Mama!"

"Gisèle, are you telling the truth, or are you lying?" Her response? "ROAARRRR!!!"


Mindy said...

What a delight!

Shannon said...

So sweet - I love it!

Grandma said...

What fun! She's quite the entertainer, and such a sweetheart.

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