Saturday, December 5, 2009

Post-Potty Ponderings


This post will contain graphic information about my 2 year old's potty experience! If you are not a proud Grandma/Nana or relative, feel free to enjoy the cute picture above and skip the actual story!


Gisèle was a big girl today! She told us that she needed to go to the potty (before going!), and let me pull down her pants and pull-ups without squirming. After sitting on the potty for 6-7 minutes, singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat a few times and reading a book v-e-r-y slowly, she got her silent-grunt face on, and went poo-poo. She and I were both thrilled! She pointed to the result of her efforts and proudly exclaimed (repeatedly) "I poo-poo, Mama, I poo-poo!!" She then proceeded to poo-poo again, and follow it up with a pee-pee. It was a very exciting potty time. :) It was then that I was faced with a problem: Prior to tonight, she had only pee-peed in her little potty. The one time she had poo-pooed, it was while sitting on her little potty seat on top of the normal toilet. What to do now that there was poo-poo in her little plastic potty?

I grabbed the box of (non-flushable) wipes nearby and let her use the first one to wipe herself. She did so, and then - before I could say anything - tossed it on top of the pile of poop in her potty. I sighed and used a couple more to finish wiping her, and tossed them on top as well. She turned around so I could pull up her pull-up and pants, and then it happened - she reached over and pushed one of the dirty wipes further into the poo-poo. "Gisèle!", I exclaimed, "We don't touch poo-poo! It's dirty!" She fired right back with "I not touch the poo-poo, Mama - I touch the wipes!" I tried not to laugh, got her down to bed, and then Jamie and I sat down to discuss the clean-up situation.

I contended that I had dealt with the potty time and child clean-up; therefore, it was Jamie's turn for cleanup of the actual potty receptacle. He had no qualms, but thought that we should compromise - I should throw away the used wipes and dump the poo-poo in the toilet; he would clean out the little potty. (I had to take him to see the potty site before he would understand why I was reluctant to touch the wipes to throw them away.) After all was said and done, the wipes and poo-poo have been taken care of; Jamie will do the rest when I'm done with this post.

Out of curiosity, how DO you take care of #2 in a little plastic potty? Should I line the middle insert with trash bags?? There has to be an easier (more sanitary!) way to take care of this!


Brandi said...

What I remember doing is dumping it into the toilet then washing out the bowl...sorry I don't know of another way! Congrats to Gisele!! I'm so proud of her!

Lindsay Sullivan said...

All we do is wipe, then dump it all into the big potty. Flush it, then unfortunately you still have to clean the potty well. I guess there's no easy way!

Mindy said...

First of all, way to go, Gisele! How thrilling for everyone involved!

As far as the poo-poo: yep, we just dumped it into the toilet and then wiped the potty out. You could use those Lysol disinfectant wipes if it would make you feel more thorough...

Nana said...

I'm so proud of you Gisele! I think your idea of lining it with plastic bags is good. I wish I had thought of that 5 kids ago! XXXNana

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