Wednesday, September 22, 2010

G, at Just-Turned-3

My Big 3-year old can count all the way to "firty" now!

Gisèle, after telling us a story:  "Daddy, you like that story?  You like that story, Mama?  My frog likes that story, too.  I like cookies."

I'm not surprised by how good Gisèle's voice is (Jamie has a great one), but I am surprised by how often she breaks out in song out of nowhere, and how accurate she is with the lyrics.  One current favorite is the chorus of Big Rock Candy Mountain, and she gets everything - words and melody - right.

Oh, the buzzin' of the bees in the peppermint trees
'Round the soda water fountains
Where the lemonade springs and the bluebird sings
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains

Gisèle, from the inner part of the bathroom, sitting on the potty:  "Mama, I don't want you in here!"
Me: "I'll stay out here, then, until you need me."
G, whining:  "No, I don't want you out there!  I don't wanna see your head!"



Andrea said...

I love her yawn :)

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