Monday, January 10, 2011


*The pajama pants have been found!  I repeat: The pajama pants have been found!  They were in her laundry basket all along.  They had been turned inside out, and somehow we all just missed them.  I'm happy to have them back, but I was kind of enjoying the mystery!

We had a busy weekend, capped off with a friend's princess-themed 4th birthday party.  Gisèle was in heaven.  She wore her Cinderella costume, tiara included, and I put her hair up in a bun.  She decorated a pink tiara with lots of sparkly jewels, colored a picture of princess Aurora, ate chocolate cake with pink icing, and chocolate ice cream with sprinkles and pink marshmallows, and played lots of games with her friends.  She won the "Kiss the Frog" game - she was blindfolded and spun around, but she managed to plant her paper lips directly in the center of the frog's mouth. 

Miles is turning into quite the little chatterbox.  He loves to make animal noises, and has started saying "please" and "thank you" in sign language unprompted, and at the appropriate times.  He eats non-stop, and his favorite toy in the world is still Gisèle.  They have a blast playing together!

I have pictures uploaded to the computer (though none of the party!), but haven't found the time to put them on the blog yet.  Soon, I promise!



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