Thursday, March 31, 2011


The other day, I walked into Gisèle's room as she finished getting dressed and noticed that she had her undies on outside of her bloomers instead of underneath.

Me:  "Gisèle, remember - your undies go inside your bloomers so you can keep them private."
Gisèle:  "But I don't want to keep them private.  I want my undies to be lorf."
Me:  "Lorf??"
Gisèle:  "Lorf.  Like Jesus is Lorf."
Me:  "You mean Lord??  Like Jesus is Lord??"
Gisèle:  "Yes!  I want my undies to be Lord!" 

{She wanted everyone to see them and love them.}



Grandma said...

Too funny! Love it!

Nana said...

Well, why else would you buy princess undies for if not to show them off???

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