Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gisèle - The Writer

She is so good at writing her name!  She's good at all of her letters, actually, and loves to identify letters to us in words she sees.  She'll spell them out and ask "What dat spell, Mama?" 

On this particular paper, she wrote out her name, and then proceeded to write a "note" to Nana.  It was her own idea - a string of random letters, along with an ineligible scrawl.  Unfortunately, this beautiful, creative piece of prose was done on her homework sheet.  If we ever get that sheet back from school, we'll send it along, Nana!



Nana said...

It'll be the first thing I'll put up in our new apartment to make it beautiful! Good job Gisele!!!

Grandma said...

You write your name beautifuly, Gisele!

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