Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Gisèle and I read about Zacchaeus in her Bible.

Me:  "So Zaachaeus wanted to do good things, so he told Jesus that he would give half of his money to the poor."

Gisèle:  "What is the poor?"

Me:   "Poor people are people that don't have very much money, or don't have any money at all."

Gisèle:  "So Zacchaeus wanted to give some of his money to them? That's nice.  And sometimes robbers come and take money.  And then, maybe the robbers will run away and a dinosaur will chase them, and then they'll drop the money 'cause they're scared of the dinosaur, and then Zacchaeus will come and get the money, and then he can take it to the poor people.  That would be nice, too."

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nana said...

Gisele is one in a million and I am so glad I am her nana! I remember a song from my long ago summer camp about Zaccheus so I'll have to teach her when we see ya'll.

Trish said...

She already knows one, and loves to sing it - "Zaccheus was a wee little man, a wee little man was he! ..." She also likes to mix up "Zaccheus" and "Ikea." :)

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