Monday, May 21, 2012

France - 8/30/00


All I've done so far today is shower and write a letter to Jamie.  At least, write more in my first letter to Jamie.  It's going to be awfully long!  I really need to pack, but I can't bring myself to do it this early in the day.  I just laid a skirt and top out to unwrinkle a bit in case I need to wear them tonight.  I'm really excited about dinner on the boat!  I'm ready to try out the "night scene" mode on my camera.  I hope it won't seem too touristy or rude or anything that I'll take a lot of pictures.  I have a persistent cough and sniffles that I'm getting tired of.  The cough, especially.  I have my window open, taking advantage of this beautiful weather, and it sounds like home.  Lots of cars and trucks (or cars that sound like trucks.)  I really hope the cab driver I get in Clermont doesn't try to cheat me.  I keep thinking of the guy Meme and I had in Rome that drove us all around the city before taking us to our hotel.  Bad experience.  I'm getting cold now...  Sweater sets are wonderful.  I'm going to wear my charcoal one tonight, but I don't know if I'll wear my black pants or my black skirt.  Mom's going to laugh when she reads this.  I'm in France and I'm thinking about clothes, of all things!  I hope it's dark enough at dinner tonight that Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower and everything else is all lit up.  And that I'll have plenty of opportunity for pictures!  I unpacked the little elephants-in-love statuette Jamie gave me.  It's very fitting - the female has a brochure that says "world travel," the male has the tickets, and they're kissing.  That'll be me and Jamie in a few months!  Jamie told me on the phone last night (accidentally ruining the surprise) that Matt is going to call, and that he's not going to Kosovo!!!  He'll be in Germany for Christmas!  So I'll see him!  I need to get their number from Mom when I call today.  I wonder who else is in Cézeaux with me from OU?  [Cézeaux was one of the dorm possibilities in the University town I was living in.  Dolet was the dorm located in the city; Cézeaux was located in a suburb.]  I wouldn't mind so much if it's all of us (ha!), but I hope it's not just me, and, say, Linda.  It's not a very nice thing to think, but I just can't bring myself to like her.  She was in my honors "40's" class last year and just gets on my nerves.  My hand is tired... time to listen to Caedmon's Call until lunch.  (It's already 12:20! So I probably don't have much time.)


The weather is gorgeous!  The kind of weather that makes me really happy just to be alive.  And in France!  If Jamie was here, we could walk to the pond together, holding hands, and the male swan would nip at our feet.  Nicole came up before lunch to tell me she was going to do laundry, if I had anything to wash.  Good thing, since I'd forgotten.  I'm going to call Mom at 2:00 to get Matt & Nat's number.  Until then, for the next half hour, I'll listen to music and play cards.  And I can wear jeans tonight!


Mom called a few minutes before I was going to call her, and I got Matt and Nat's number.  Need to call them today!


I have a terrible cold.  That's something I forgot to put in my letter to Jamie!  Stuffy/runny nose, coughing, sneezing, and a headache.

Dinner tonight was good.  And the dessert was wonderful!  The boat was nothing like I'd expected.  I thought we'd be on top of a boat, in open air, moving through the Seine, but we were inside an anchored boat.  No photos.  I can't bring myself to ask the Charrons yet about Jamie and me staying with them.  I feel like it would be asking a lot, and it would be rude to use them as a hotel.  I've still got a few months. (This horrible nose of mine!  Sniffle.)  Most of my stuff is packed.  After a quick shower in the morning, I'll finish.  I wish I was already in Cézeaux.  I mean Dolet!  Dolet.  Not Cézeaux. I want to be settled in my room so I can unpack and not worry about all my things.  I talked to both Matt & Nat today and it was wonderful!  I might spend a week or so at the end of June with them if classes get out early.  (As Alan says they do!)  And they might visit in a couple weeks, and they might buy me a ticket to come see them!  My nose is horrible.  I'm going to get ready for bed.  I love you, Jamie!

Swans at the pond near the Charrons' house

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