Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Orleans - Saturday

Andrea, Brandi, & I went to New Orleans for a weekend over Memorial Day.  These pictures will give you just a glimpse into the fun we had!  The weekend included pedicures, facials, slot machines, a tire fiasco, chocolates, LOTS of walking, good food, changed flights, and a great time!

On the table at lunch

Mussels shared at lunch

House-made charcuterie and mozzarella for lunch

Sucre, one of our favorite stops

The bakery display at Sucre

Chocolates at Sucre

A chocolate & salted caramel cupcake & macarons at Sucre

Brandi's treat at Sucre

Our view of New Orleans as we drove in

Pretty picture in the bathroom.  All of the photographs were beautiful!

Mojitos at dinner that night, at Drago's

Charbroiled oysters at Drago's

Seafood risotto at Drago's

Crab dip at Drago's

Slot machines at Harrah's to cap off our evening!  We all lost, but had fun.

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