Wednesday, August 6, 2014

France - 10/21/00


I'm listening to classical musique for the first time in a long time - I'd forgotten how much I liked it!  I've been thinking about Brandi coming while I've been playing the handheld solitaire game... I'm excited!  I've still got 8 months to wait, of course, but we're going to have a blast together!  I sliced my finger open tonight while washing a knife... not serious and not too painful (yet!) but it's a bleeder.  I have two bandaids on right now and it has soaked through both.  I made a really good chicken and pasta dish to go with my oil & vinegar tomatoes and enjoyed eating.  At 11:00pm, after the kitchen cleared out.  [Communal, TINY kitchen, shared by the entire floor of the dorm.]  I bought my tickets for Germany, and they only came to about $57 total roundtrip!  A lot better than I was expecting.  I leave in less than a week!  I decided I'm going to send Jamie the "egg," the knife, a couple pictures Sarah had of me, and whatever I can find in Germany.  I tried calling him at Mindy & Jeff's but no one was there... and when I tried to call Chris, he was at work.  On his birthday!  Yuck.  Oh yeah - I'm going to buy Jamie a pack of cards, too, to show him how they're different.  I need to go make my nightly trip to the man downstairs to get my key/lock greased.  I'm sure it won't work tonight, but I'll go ahead and try.  [I had problems with my door lock/key all year.]  G'night, Jamie.  I love you!

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