Friday, August 15, 2014

Gisèle's First Concert

Gisèle went to her first concert last night!  (Well, second, really, if you count the free outdoor Needtobreathe concert she saw as an infant - the one she has no memory of.)

So she went to her first concert last night - the Air1 Positive Hits tour, featuring Jamie Grace, Royal Tailor, Johnathan Thulin, Rapture Ruckus, Moriah Peters, and OBB.  They're some of her favorite artists on the Christian radio station (Air1) that we listen to all the time.  Her birthday is coming up, so the timing was perfect.  She sings along to all their songs in the car, and she has been hearing about the concert for weeks, never dreaming that she could possibly go.

When we told her we bought tickets for her birthday, she was thrilled.  We took her shopping to pick out a new outfit for it, and she was very particular about what was "concerty" and what wasn't.  (Though how she knows... ??)  She picked out a pink lace tank, black leather-looking pants with zippers, and a black & white flower-topped headband.  She looked adorable, and very "concerty."

We got "VIP" tickets, which meant we got in early and got to meet and take a picture with some of the artists.  

Gisèle with Jamie Grace and Royal Tailor. 
They all wished her a Happy Birthday, which completely made her day!  Look at that smile!
We also got seats right up front, which was great, because when the concert started, everyone rushed the stage!  Gisèle and I ended up at the very front, with no one between us and the stage.  She could see everything!

OBB, Moriah Peters, and Rapture Ruckus

Johnathan Thulin, Jamie Grace, and Royal Tailor
We had a fabulous time!  I think she'll be asking to go to a lot more!

She told me it was the "Best. Birthday Present. EVER."

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Grandma said...

What a wonderful, memorable birthday gift! Bet she'll remember that always.

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