Monday, February 16, 2015

France - 11/24/00


I just finished a letter to Jamie.  Earlier, I put the button back on my coat and sewed up the hole in my pj tank.  Also put up some magazine pages and pictures.  Still have some to do but I got tired of it.  In the middle of the picture hanging, Juliette and some guy started having sex really loud.  argh.  [Juliette was my promiscuous French next door neighbor.  Our beds shared a wall.  A thin wall.]  I hope it doesn't turn into an everyday thing!  Class was kinda long today.  There were only eight of us in there, so we ended up getting a lot done.  All in all, it was a good Friday.  Sarah and I made pasta& sauce today, but it was pretty inedible!  All we had was tomato paste, creme fraiche, and spices and it was awful.  Ended up eating chips and salsa for dinner.  I'm going to go to Auchan tomorrow to pick up some cheddar cheese and a small thing of sour cream/creme fraiche so I can have nachos.  G'night sweetie.  I love you!

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