Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Stitch Fix #8

Stitch Fix #8

This was a mixed bag, but I did find one thing I liked!  (Pictures courtesy of Jamie.  Thanks, babe!)

The first thing I tried on was the "Opal" V-Neck Sweater from Pink Martini ($48):

This was ill-fitting and so incredibly boxy on me.  Not at all flattering.  Not a keeper.

Next up was the "Ally" V-Neck Knit Top from Le Lis ($44):
I had high hopes for this one.  I loved how soft it was, and loved the mix of stripes & solid.  Unfortunately, this was pretty shapeless and cut across my chest in a strange place.  No thanks.

Next, Skies Are Blue's "Larkin" Embroidered Knit Top ($54):
I didn't really like this one out of the box, and nothing changed once it was on.  It was just okay, and for that price it needed to be more than okay.

Next was another one from Skies Are Blue - the "Dolen" Lace Blouse ($54):
This was one of the most matronly things I had ever tried on.  Uniboob.  Nope.

Lastly, the "Henderson" Mixed Stripe Knit Shirt from Tart ($68):

Of course I liked the most expensive piece the best!  This was soft, patterned, had interesting details, and I loved it.  This, finally, was a keeper.

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