Monday, April 27, 2015

France - 12/16/00


I just got back from babysitting for the Johnstons.  Just realized tonight that she's pregnant.  Don't know how far along, but there should be a new baby before I leave!  I made reservations for Venice - 120,000 lire for a double with shower and toilet in the hallway.  Only thing I could find, so I had to take it.  With the current exchange, that's about $55 per night.  Got to talk to Jamie!  I'm going to call him tomorrow at about 11pm my time.  He and Mindy & Jeff are celebrating Christmas this weekend in Norman.  Babysitting was easy - and I got to watch an episode of Friends!  Alec's a cute kid.  This morning, Morgan and I went to the Musée des Tissus and saw an exhibit on opera costumes - it was pretty neat.  Next time we go to Lyon, we want to see the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Musée de la Miniature, and the archaeological park in Vieux Lyon.  Lyon has Interpol's world headquarters - right next to the Museum of Modern Art.  G'night Jamie.  I love you!!!

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