Monday, April 6, 2015

France - 12/9/00


Jamie's coming soon!  I need to find some pj pants for him and wrap those and his CD.  Also have to wrap the stocking stuffers, and buy & wrap Matt & Nat's gifts.  Babysat for the Johnstons tonight.  Their 3 year old, Alec, is cute but can be a handful.  We (Charlene & I) traded discoveries of American food - refried beans (Galeries Lafayette) and Skippy peanut butter (occasionally at Géant.)  I got to talk to Jamie today for a little bit - had to rush getting off the phone, though, so I wouldn't miss the bus.  I'm going to run downstairs & call him to say g'night.  I love you, sweetie!  I'll tell you that in just a minute.

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