Friday, January 15, 2016

Clermont-Ferrand, France - 1/12/01


Our supplementary lit class was almost an hour and a half long.  Yuck.  And I didn't get any mail today - pretty disappointing.  I really need to start my letter writing again.  I have... (well, I just went through and took the time to address some envelopes, but I forgot to count - so)... some/lots of letters to write.  I finished the second book of that series tonight, and started the third.  My writing/thinking skills go downhill as I get more and more tired.  Sarah and I had our x-ray and doctor appointments today.  X-ray was quick - strip from the waist up and press yourself against a COLD metal thing, take a deep breath, and you're done.  We waited about 45 minutes before getting in to see the doctor.  He asked "height, weight, wear glasses, any problems" and we were done.  I love you, Jamie sweetheart!  G'night.

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