Friday, January 29, 2016

Clermont-Ferrand, France - 1/17/01


I had a lot to think about today.  Now, especially after talking to mom, I know what I want to do.  I'm going to keep my major in International Relations and keep my French as a minor instead of a major.  So:  I have 9 classes left to take to graduate.  I don't know if my scholarship will apply to the first year of grad school or not.  In any case, I'm going to enroll in classes (next semester) that I need to graduate.  When it's time to enroll for next spring, Jamie and I can decide if it would be better for me to go ahead and finish or to take another year after that.  I've also decided (w/ mom's help) not to apply for the scholarship.  I would only have a week to do it in, and that week includes 6 finals.  Too much stress.  I'm just happy that Prof. Cox nominated me!  Also, watched the Orange Bowl tonight, decided w/ Morgan & Sarah to look for a cheap studio (for 3) and found out that Mom's cookies are already in the mail for me!  I love you, Jamie!

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