Friday, February 19, 2016

Clermont-Ferrand, France - 1/21/01


Well, tomorrow is civ and writing and I'm far from ready.  Probably because I don't know what'll be on the civ test, and I have no way to prepare for writing.  :(  (sigh)  Church was tonight... I like going, but I miss the more contemporary service, and singing songs that aren't hymns.  I like the pastor, Joe, though.  Shonda, Morgan, Sarah, and I ate at Pizza Tino's tonight.  I split a pizza w/ Sarah so it was really cheap.  Talked to Mom.   Nothing new at home.  She said Dad will probably take tomorrow off of work, but he's doing fine after his surgery.  I miss Jamie.  Yesterday, he had just made brownies when I talked to him.  I wish I could be chez-lui eating brownies and drinking milk and hugging him... I'm just kind of depressed right now about the whole school thing and Jamie always makes me feel better.  The brownies would help, too.  :)

I hate knowing that I don't need any of the credit I'm getting for being here, yet I still have to take classes (probably level 5) to be able to keep my scholarship.  It would be fine if I could take an easy level, but taking level 5 means I risk failing a class- and I can't afford to do that.  I'm also worrying right now about planning the Spain and Portugal trip (we leave Thursday and have no plans), planning the February trip (still need to call Matt & Nat), planning the April trip, and planning the June trip.  And when I get back, I need to find a job, buy a car, and move into a new apartment (that I also need to find).  And of course, finals, new semester, and enrolling for fall are all here now.  

I guess just take one thing at a time.  God won't give me more than I can handle, right?  G'night Jamie, love of my life.  I hope you're enjoying your brownies.  :)  I love you!

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