Sunday, December 31, 2017

Waiting For Official Results

Jamie and the kids arrived home shortly before I did.  They had stopped at Target and picked out a selection of maximum support, front-close sports bras, as recommended by Telissa, the fabulous nurse.  I was instructed to wear them day and night for at least the next 2 days before switching to something slightly less constricting.  

The kids knew I was coming home from a rough doctor's appointment and wasn't feeling very good.  They had loaded the couch with pillows and blankets for me and made a card filled with coffee and Star Wars references, and lots of "I love you's."  I'm keeping it forever. 

Jamie cleaned up the bloody biopsy sites and helped me gingerly zip up the sports bra before I collapsed on the couch.  I stayed there for the next 2 days, other than the frequent checking of the biopsy sites.  It turns out when you're pretty sure you have cancer - but are waiting for official word - and are in pain, you can't sleep.  Or eat, really.  Or find a comfortable position.

The biopsies were done Tuesday.  Dr. Le, my OB/GYN, called Thursday evening. 

Both my right breast and lymph node tested positive for cancer.

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Mindy said...

I’m so happy that the kids are being sweet and helpful. That can help so much. And Jamie’s ok, too, I guess...

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