Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Boy Who Cried Wolf - or, more accurately...

The Girl Who Cried "Pee-pee Potty??"

**Second Update** She went pee-pee in the potty today. :)

**Update** We only have 1 book in the bathroom for her, and we've never even had the chance to read it all the way through. Sometimes, she wants to sit on the potty for a while, but moves on from the book to singing to attempting to shut the potty lid, reach the toilet paper, flush, etc.

Lately, she's finishing each meal by saying "pee-pee potty?" and then laughing and running away when we ask "Do you need to go to the potty?"

Eventually, we'll figure this all out!

**Original Post**

We're not actively potty-training Gisèle. We're going to buy her a big-girl bed (twin mattress on the floor) soon, and we'd like her to get used to that transition first. That being said, she has started to ask to use the potty. She does this by pointing at/yanking on her diaper, and saying "Pee-pee potty?" or "Poo-poo potty?" We thank her for telling us, walk her straight to the bathroom, and sit her on her potty chair. She will then either ask for her book to be read to her, or immediately say "All done!" and want to wash her hands. We were hopeful when she first started telling us she needed to go, because she actually went - twice! - poo-poo in the potty. Nothing at all since then, though.

We feel completely stuck. We don't want to tell her she's not allowed to go, even though she's obviously not "going," because we don't want to discourage her. On the other hand, we don't want to encourage her to continue to play this fun game of making Mama and Daddy rush her to the bathroom to read a book and play with the soap bubbles in the sink.

Looks like it's time to read up a bit on potty-training!


Suzanne said...

You know she's perfect so it must be you that is doing something wrong... :)
Try to delay her a bit when she says she's all done - maybe with a song or two. She might end up tinkling a bit. At least she's thinking about it and wants to do it which is a HUGE plus. Give her a kiss for me! XXXNana

Mindy said...

Maybe you already do this, but with Ben I was so desperate that I would read book after book...I just *knew* he had pee in there, and maybe if we just sat long enough, it would happen and he would "get it." But it turned into an entertainment hour. So with Kyle I made a rule: 1 book, then we were done.

I am not potty training expert - very difficult with the first child, super easy with the second. I think it depends a lot on their development and readiness. But it definitely sounds like Gisele is interested, and I think that's huge! Good luck!

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