Saturday, August 8, 2009

Big Girl Bed

**UPDATE - She slept perfectly well, no complaints or talking. When we checked on her before we went to bed, though, we both burst out laughing and had to quickly leave her room - she was sleeping next to the bed on the floor! The only sound we had heard from her all evening was a short gasp once. It must have been when she rolled off! When we went in to get her this morning, she was laying in her bed again, smiling up at us. :) **

Just a quick post tonight. We just put Gisèle down for bed in her Big Girl Bed for the very first time. And she looks so small in it! So far, all is quiet, so maybe this will work out well.

It hit us both this afternoon, as we took apart her crib with her in the room to watch, that we wouldn't be putting her to bed in a crib anymore. Ever. She's growing up. No more lifting the side of the crib and seeing her safely enclosed. No more checking on her to find that she's pressed her head up to one side of the crib and has one hand sticking through the side. She's really and truly growing up. Right now, we read her a story while sitting on our bed, and then zip her into her wearable blanket before trekking down the hallway to her room. It won't be that long until we're reading her a bedtime story while she lays in her bed, and then tucking her under her covers.



Mindy said...

That photo is just plain precious. Chin up, Mama.

Megan said...

Priceless moments! I know my days are numbered with Taylor in the crib. She's got a little ornery streak in her though so I'm not so sure our first night will go so well. :)

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