Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thoughts on my son

As I get closer to the end of this pregnancy, I often find myself wondering what Miles will look like. I picture him looking and acting just like Gisèle did, but realistically, I'm aware that he is his own person and will look and act like himself, not her. I hope he gets the same chubby rolls she did, though. I love chubby rolls on babies. :)

With Gisèle, my water broke at home 2 weeks before her due date, we had a frantic middle-of-the-night drive to the hospital, and a pretty quick labor. I keep assuming things will happen just like that again. But maybe they won't this time. Maybe this time, I'll be induced when he's 2 weeks overdue, and be in labor for 108 hours before needing an emergency c-section. Who knows? (Let's hope for the former, not the latter!)

Gisèle looked a lot like Jamie when she was born, down to the dimple in her chin. I wonder if Miles will have a chin dimple? Will he have the dark hair she did? Will he sleep as well, eat as well, and be as easy-going? Or instead, will he be up all night, have trouble breast-feeding, and cry constantly? How will I keep from comparing the two all the time?

It's thoughts like these that are occupying my mind. He'll be full-term in 6 weeks. I feel like we're running out of time to get everything done before he arrives, but when I start to stress about all there is to do, I find myself thinking about chubby baby thighs instead. :)


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