Friday, August 14, 2009

Potty Update

Still not much progress on the potty front. She'll ask to go to the potty pretty often, but usually does nothing more productive than reading all the way through "The Cat in the Hat." It's almost always Jamie that takes her to the potty at home right now, and she'll come back from the bathroom loudly announcing "Mama! No pee-pee! No poo-poo!"

Soon, we'll start taking her to use the potty when we're out at stores. But until she's actually using the potty pretty regularly, diapers stay on!


Nana said...

I still say you're way ahead of the game! Don't be surprised if she regresses a bit after Miles comes along though, so be prepared. I say that but then, she's practically perfect so probably not... XXXNana

Grandma said...

I agree that you're still ahead of the game. Don't be discouraged. It won't be long. :) That Gisele is one smart cookie.

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