Sunday, May 9, 2010

More Gisèleisms

When she tastes something she likes:  "Yummy!!  Alicious!!"

At her parent-teacher conference, we got her progress sheet.  She got "fully mastered" on "Uses vocabulary appropriate to age level" with a note that she's above her level.  She also got "fully mastered" on "Shows interest in new vocabulary" with a note that says "always!"  The teacher told Jamie that Gisèle is her best student and her favorite.  :)

"O-tay!"  (Okay)

"Two-later"  (Meaning: "later."  I think she may have gotten it from "tomorrow.")

Her teacher told us recently that Gisèle leads all of the girls in her class - they follow her around all day and do whatever she does.  If she stops for tea, they stop for tea.

Whenever it's time to do something (get ready for bed, get ready for school), Gisèle will pop up to her feet, put her hands on her hips, tilt her head to the side, click her tongue, and say "What we do next?"  We'll answer ("Put pyjamas on!"), and she'll happily exclaim "That's right!"  Sometime she'll add "You get a stamp!" and she'll pretend to stamp the back of our hands.

I always know exactly which picture is the one Gisèle has colored at church.  It's always the one with the most color, the most stickers, etc.  Always.


Nana said...

That girl is so full of life and personality! She is so self assured at such a young age. I look forward to every new thing she says and does. Can't wait to see you all. XXX

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