Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Boy

This boy loves me.  No, really - he LOVES me.  When I see him after work, he grins hard enough to crack his face in two, showing the cute gap in his teeth.  He leans toward me, diving out of Jamie's arms, and squeals like Christmas morning has come.  He lets me kiss and cuddle him all I want.  When he's playing on the floor, I'll lay down next to him.  He'll play by himself for the most part, but every minute or so, he'll crawl over to me and kiss my cheek, lean his head against me, or just put his hand on my arm and smile.  Once he's satisfied that I'm still there, he'll continue playing.  He LOVES me.  And I adore him!

I'm still 2nd place, though - Gisèle is his favorite.  :)



Andrea said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! I think that first one deserves a spot on Nana's crazy wall :)

Grandma said...

Love the pictures! So CUTE!

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