Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Phone!

So my new phone arrived last night (could you tell from last night's post?), and I'm a bit overwhelmed.  Excited, yes, but definitely overwhelmed.  It can do so much!  I don't even know where to start, really, and it took me about 5 minutes this morning to find, read, and delete a text message that came in.  It's my first smartphone.  I feel like I'm entering the grown-up world.  :)

*If you have any app recommendations (my new phone is an HTC Sensation - Android), pass them along!  I'd love tips!

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jamie said...

Glad to not be living in the stone age anymore!

Jeff said...

So, games wise, here's what I like:
1. Wordsmith (Mindy and I play this against one another, it's a scrabble game, and I like it better than words with friends)
2. Airport Mania
3. Cut the Rope
4. Angry Birds
5. Fruit Ninja

Apps I use all the time that aren't games:
1. YouVersion Bible
2. PasswdSafe (by Jeff Harris) - great for saving all those pesky passwords
3. ChompSMS for text messaging
4. WeatherBug
6. Google Reader
7. Amazon Appstore (they give away a free paid app every day)
8. RealCalc
9. Gentle Alarm

I can't remember which of these I got where (Android Store or Amazon App Store) and some of them may be paid apps that I got free at Amazon, but there's sometimes free versions that have ads..

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