Thursday, September 8, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

The other night, we got to go to an Astros game!  It was the first one for Miles, and the first one for the 4 of us together as a family.  A sweet friend gave us tickets to the game (Crawford Box tickets!) along with a parking pass, so it was an affordable evening out.

Gisèle was really excited when we told her that we'd be going to a baseball game.  She looked across the dinner table and told Miles all about baseball, and how they hold the ball under their arm, and then they run... And then we had to gently remind her that that game was football.  Baseball was the one where the guy threw the little white ball to another guy who tried to hit it with the bat...

The whole drive to the game, Gisèle told us how hungry she was, so the first thing we did upon arriving was pick up some hot dogs and french fries to take to our seats.

Making silly faces in the car

Settled in to our seats with hot dogs

We got settled in just before the first inning started, and Gisèle was in awe at the size of the stadium and the number of people.  Miles enjoyed flirting with the people in front of us and playing with his seat ("up... down...") and sippy cup.

View from our seats (no zoom used)
This is Jamie's glove - he's had it since he was 12.

Wearing Daddy's hat

We stayed until about the 6th inning, which was longer than we thought the kids would make it since we were about and hour and a half past their bedtime.  Ice cream (in the traditional plastic helmet) helped.

We stopped by the fan shop on the way out and picked out a couple of souvenirs.  Miles got a soft Astros baseball that he's loved playing with ever since, and Gisèle got a little Astros stuffed bear that she promptly named "Sushi."  Sushi has gone to bed with her and been her carseat buddy since the game, and is now a well-loved member of the household.

Look - I was there, too!

All in all, a winning time, despite the Astros' loss!

Miles at his very first Astros game



Andrea said...

Trish, you look great! So excited to see you in a few days!!!

Grandma said...

Thanks for sharing. Great pictures.

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