Saturday, September 24, 2011

In Working Order!

We have our laptop back!  We picked it up today, and look - bnbnbnbnbnbnbnbnbn - we have working "B" and "N" keys!  I was able to move the photos from Brandi's wedding from my camera to the computer this evening, so I'll post some of those soon.  I took surprisingly few; the bulk of them seem to be from the nail and hair appointments, so they may not be that interesting to most of you.  :)

In other news, Gisèle rode her bike this morning and did a fantastic job!  Next time, I'll take my point and shoot outside with me to take a video of her to share.

Miles is turning into quite the little comic!  He's doing everything he can to make us laugh - making funny faces and noises, saying things he knows will get a reaction...

Life continues happily here, and with the laptop back in my hands, I'll get back to documenting it again!



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