Thursday, April 26, 2012

Counting Down the Days

I created a paper chain to count down the days until Nana and Papa arrive, and it's the highlight of the day for Gisèle and Miles.  After our family bedtime story each night, we take one link off the chain and then count the remaining links to see how many more days until they arrive.  Both kids count out loud, getting exponentially louder with each chain.  At the end, they hop up and down, and then Miles will tell us for the 25th time "Papa bring donuts!"  Gisèle will then proceed to suggest, very seriously, a long list of things that she and Nana could do, "like, maybe we can make cookies?  And then I think we can ride our bikes.  And then we can plant a  garden.... and we like to go the park, and I think we'll go to the beach!" 

Nana and Papa, I hope you pack some extra energy when you come!

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Nana said...

Well, we're trying to store it up enough energy and we'll just hope that it lasts the entire time. Papa will definitely buy donuts at least once and have Gisele make a list! We're looking forward to seeing ya'll!

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