Saturday, April 21, 2012

Excited About Some Upcoming Posts

I just got a package in the mail today that I've been eagerly awaiting - my photos from my year in Europe (all 850 or so of them), transferred from APS cartridges to digital format!

I'm putting the photos in order right now, and then I'm planning on looking through my journals from that year to get some posts ready.  What I'd like to do is post excerpts from the journal along with photos from that day as a way to further document my time there.  Right now, I have 4 huge photo albums, 2 (3? 4? I need to find them) journals, and a gallon ziploc baggie of APS cartridges holding all the negatives.  I'm looking forward to looking back through everything!

Right now, though, it's after midnight and time for bed.  Good night!

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nana said...

That was a wonderful year for you and I'm looking forward to seeing all the posts! What a fun project!!

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