Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Aubiere, France - 9/3/00


I woke up at 11:30ish this morning and stayed in bed until almost noon.  Then I played cards for a while before showering.  Then Sarah and I talked for a long time - Hertz vs. Avis, our trips, etc.  We decided to go for a short walk and Aimee came, too.  We walked a short ways into Aubière ( a really pretty walk through a neighborhood area) and found a market that's there every Sunday.  It was huge!  And fun!  We bought crepes with filling (two of us got chocolate, and one got strawberry jam), a sausage in a baguette, and looked at a bunch of stuff.  We also found a bus stop we like better than the other one.  We think it's a bit closer and we know it's a nicer walk, so we're going go go there tomorrow morning.  Classes start tomorrow!  I really don't feel like having to do schoolwork of any kind.  I'm going to start a letter to Jamie now!


Sarah and I planned out our trips last night and tonight.  No details yet, really.  On weekends we want to visit Lyon, Switzerland, & chateaus in the Loire Valley.  Between September & October (we're not sure exactly how long a break we have) we're going to Paris for sight-seeing and shopping.  Christmas I'll have Jamie (!) of course, and Sarah's not sure what she's going to do.  February we're going to St. Malo/Mont St. Michel, the northern coast of France, Lille, Belgium, and Amsterdam (the Anne Frank museum!)  Spring vacation we'll do northern Italy, southern France, Spain, & Portugal.  After final tests in June we're going to do England, Scotland, & Ireland.  And I think we're going to take a weekend for tax-free shopping in Andorra (I think that's how it's spelled - the tiny place between France and Spain.)  I'll visit Matt & Nat a few times, too - I'll be staying with them after our England, etc. trip until I leave.  I also need to see if Brandi is serious about coming - she could come for the London, etc. trip and even stay to visit Matt & Nat!  Time for bed.  I have to be up in six and a half hours to get ready for class!  I love you, Jamie!!!

Church in Aubiere

Building in Aubiere

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