Friday, July 27, 2012


I've been shameless in ignoring the blog lately. 

I have plenty of excuses - I've been doing some editing (paid editing jobs, which I love!); we just had a wonderful, long family visit that took some planning and time; we're in the midst of a whirlwind of birthday parties, all of which require me to shop for presents on my lunch break when I would normally be preparing blog posts...

They're all excuses, though - I could make time.

But the more I ignore it, the guiltier I feel.  And the guiltier I feel, the more I want to ignore it.

So maybe "shameless" is the wrong word, because I feel ashamed of having ignore it for so long when I know there are people out there checking here for updates on the kids.  Updates that I've been very delinquent in providing.

I apologize for making you wait, and I will get back to posting.  I won't say I'll do it when life gets less hectic, because I'm beginning to think that time will never come.  I'll just promise to get back to it.  Soon. 

Thanks for hanging in there!

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